Quality control

For a long period, our company has been supporting the management quality system consisting of a set of measures whose pillars include:

Inspection and test documentation – documentation consists of a plan focusing on product inspection and testing.  A visual and dimensional inspection is performed on 100% of the product and is mentioned in the certificate.  The further scope of inspections and tests depends on the product standard regulation and customer requirements. Inspections and tests are carried out by any of the methods according to ČSN ISO 17635 (VT, PT, MT, RT, UT, LT, ET, AE), or as required by a pressure test, a sealing hydraulic test, a functional test etc.

Production procedure – this is carried out in order to keep the hierarchy of operations and performance of all steps related to the production and comes under individual intermediate operation inspections and final inspections of the production process.

Welding procedures – these are important in terms of required quality of welded joints and are performed according to approved WPS and valid WPQRs.  Procedures and the quality of welds are prescribed by our welding supervisor (I/EWT, I/EWE according to ČSN EN ISO 14731.)

Procedure of surface treatment – this ensures and involves the quality of product surface in operating conditions, i.e. its durability and lifetime.  The procedure is prescribed and surface treatment is controlled by a specialist – corrosion engineer Ing.  René Siostrzonek, Ph.D.

QM documentation – the scope of documentation is given by the standard, inspection, and testing plan and by customer requirements.  We issue a statement of compliance for the customer as evidence that the product is reliable to be used for a given purpose.

Within our quality management we do not neglect:

  • Identification and evaluation of risks and opportunities, or planning of measures.
  • Solutions and the implementation of customer requirements in internal processes.