STAMPA GROUP is a group of engineering and manufacturing companies operating in all spheres of industries and capital constructions. We are a global group under the influence of Czech leaders and this enables our employees to personally and professionally grow and work on unique projects implemented in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Thanks to our unique production background and wide product portfolio, our employees have the possibility to develop their skills while working with modern technologies used for implementing projects that other companies can only dream about. In STAMPA GROUP we provide an opportunity to be a part of our team and work on meaningful projects which push industry and society forward.

Are you a qualified specialist, an expert in your field in industry, engineering or energy? Do you have experience and knowledge that you wish to profit from while working on interesting projects? Do you want to progress in your field? Do you have visions and goals and are you able to turn them into reality? We offer the possibility of professional employment for experienced specialists in the labour and technical-economic professions.

For qualified professionals, we offer the opportunity to work in STAMPA GROUP which will enable you to develop your potential, in fields such as research, projections, technology and production, purchasing, through to finance to business.

For Stampa Ostrava, a.s. we are looking for:


We offer our employees:

  • Benefits from working on holidays and at night
  • A catering allowance
  • Experience in an important engineering group
  • An appropriate pay packet
  • A pleasant work environment and the possibility of professional growth